The Department of Public Administration at The IIS University was established in July 1995 with a vision to provide holistic education to students, who have career interest in Public Management, Health & Human Services, Government & other Public Services and Non-profit Organizations. Public Administration plays a crucial role in delivering and distributing the public services along the length and breadth of the country. The department is situated in the ‘Lower Basement’ of the campus. The department has exclusive departmental library, shared computer lab, smart class rooms and other teaching equipments to enhance teaching methodology. The curriculum blends the theoretical and applied concepts and provides a practical exposures and experiences to the future leaders in field of administration. The aim of the department is to equip the novice administrators with the knowledge and skill to deal with public problem. The department from time to time partner with the public policy professionals and public & private sector organizations to enhance the range of ideas and knowledge of the students, so that, they can disseminate and be able to apply the new and existing techniques to resolve problems of public interest.